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Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
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Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) delivers affordable, easy-to-use  fault and network performance management.   Built to manage networks of all sizes, Orion NPM scales with the rapid growth of your network and expands with your network monitoring needs.
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Orion NPM’s robust network performance management capabilities include:

  • Monitors real-time, in-depth network performance metrics for routers, switches, servers, and other SNMP-enabled devices
  • Provides a highly intuitive, customizable web interface with point-and-click simplicity that delivers cutting-edge map views and “Top 10” views of your global network
  • Gets you up and running in less than an hour with Orion’s do-it-yourself deployment
  • Enables advanced alerting for correlated events, sustained conditions, and complex combinations of device states
  • Scales to accommodate growth and management needs with a hot standby engine, multiple polling engines, and additional web servers
  • Extends management capabilities to NetFlow traffic analysis and monitoring of VoIP performance, wireless devices, and applications
  • Leverages a Universal Device Poller to monitor any SNMP-enabled device

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