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VPOP3 Standard
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VPOP3 is a fully-featured Windows Email Server. It is designed to be simple to configure and use, but flexible enough to fulfil most users' requirements

05 Users : 103$

10 Users : 185$

25 Users : 308$

50 Users : 451$

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VPOP3 has a built-in spam filter which can detect over 80% of spam and offensive email before it reaches your users, it can also detect and block email viruses automatically using the avast! or Sophos antivirus engine.

VPOP3 includes many features such as:

Virus Scanning

VPOP3 integrates with the avast! for VPOP3, or Sophos SAVI virus scanning engines to detect and remove viruses from your incoming and outgoing email

Spam / Content Filtering

VPOP3 has a built-in content filter to detect spam before it reaches your users. This content filter is highly customisable so you can use it to perform custom content filtering as well. The spam filter uses a blended approach to detecting spam, so many different methods are used together such as DNS blacklists, Bayesian statistical filtering, heuristic methods etc. This gives a much better result than more basic filters which may rely on just one or other of these methods.

Standards Compliant

VPOP3 is fully POP3 / SMTP / LDAP compliant so it will work with any POP3 / SMTP email client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

In addition VPOP3 Enterprise is IMAP4 compliant as well, allowing more flexibility, such as shared message folders, hot desking, mobile users etc.

Remote Administration

VPOP3 is fully manageable from anywhere on the network (or Internet if you wish) using its fully remoteable web based management console. This allows you to manage the software from any computer with a web browser, or even a PDA. The web management system is platform independent, so will work with Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc.


VPOP3 comes with a full WebMail server, so you can access your mail using a web browser from anywhere. You can read and send your email messages, view the VPOP3 address book etc through any modern web browser.

Message Archiving

VPOP3 has a built-in message archive store & retrieval system, so you can configure it to store all incoming and outgoing messages in a central store (with the option to archive parts off, as necessary, to removeable storage), and perform searches on this archive to find past messages easily and quickly.

Mailing List Server

VPOP3 has a built in mailing list server so you can manage your customer email shots or discussion mailing lists or internal distribution lists all through VPOP3 without needing any further software.

Automatic Responses

VPOP3 can automatically respond to email messages which arrive for specified users, so you can easily set up 'vacation autoresponders' or helpdesk acknowledgement emails etc.

Multiple ISP support

VPOP3 can collect mail from as many different ISP email accounts as you wish. It will work with incoming SMTP and POP3 mail accounts at the same time, and can distribute mail from several 'catch-all' POP3 accounts with no problems at all.

This is just a short list of a few of the available features in VPOP3. A fuller list is available on the Features List.

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